Student Comments:

“The program has exceeded my expectations. I feel I (and my classmates) have learned so much since we began the AGA program. The curriculum is very thorough and detailed, and I rate it as excellent. The mix of sound files with printed materials is very beneficial.”
Carol Hazelden, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“The course content, format, and delivery are to such a high standard, it would be difficult to find areas for improvement”
Dave MacFarlane, Fredericton, New Brunswick

"I am very pleased with the program. I didn’t expect it to be such a great course. All in all I think it is the best Gaelic course I have taken, and I don’t see how it could be improved upon.”
Kate Herr, Midlothian, Virginia

"Very good course. I'll be back next season for the next level of the program."
Emanuel Laufer, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“I've been completely surprised by how much I've enjoyed my Beginner Gaelic class.  The program and support system offered is completely user friendly and offers an excellent environment in which to learn. I can't say enough to recommend this program; the teacher is excellent, the material and format are well organized, and the resources are pretty well endless.”
Karen Robb, Leduc, Alberta

“I am a family member of the Cape Breton music group The Barra MacNeils. Being a touring musician had made it almost impossible to take Gaelic classes until I heard about the AGA’s online Gaelic program. The AGA has provided me with a wonderful resource to learn and communicate in the Gaelic language. Not only has the course given me the tools to further my exploration of Gaelic music, but it has also inspired me to work towards fluency in the language. The curriculum is challenging, and the faculty provides a positive and interactive learning environment.” 
Stewart MacNeil, Sydney Mines, Nova Scotia

“I am really enjoying the Gaelic course. The instructor is great (very patient!), the course materials are well-organized and useful, and it has been a pleasure getting to know my online classmates.”
Charles Coles, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

“I am now in the Advanced Plus level of the program and I love it. The material is very informative and well presented. My instructor has been awesome, very patient and helpful. Since I live in Europe, the available class times are great. I've made several new friends through the course, and I plan to keep conversing and practicing with them!” 

Carol Amorosi, Isle of  Crete

“After studying Gaelic on my own for about six months, I registered for the AGA program and have not regretted it for a moment! The speed at which I'm learning and my retention level has improved tremendously since starting the course. The materials provided are great and my teacher is just wonderful. The most outstanding feature of the program, to me, is the fact that, not only are we reading and writing Gaelic, but also much of the time is spent on speaking Gaelic. Students are even "getting together" on their own time to practice speaking! I'll definitely be taking all levels of the program and would recommend it to anyone!”
Debbie Beach, Las Vegas, Nevada

“The Academy delivers traditional Gaelic instruction through the newest technology directly to my living room, where I have found an online community of friends keen to see our language and culture flourish.”
Kelly MacPhail, Montreal, Quebec

"I shouldn't have had to go outside Scotland to find a good Gaelic course, but this one is so well organised compared with others I have tried, as well as being really good value for money. The comprehensive grammar notes are the best I have seen. And there is plenty of time to get to know the other students from across the world. I will be enrolling in the Advanced course in the Autumn. Many thanks.”
Mary Murray, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"I found the AGA when I decided to act on my lifelong desire to learn Gaelic. My biggest fear entering Gaelic was that I'd be embarrassed when I had to speak in class. I am thrilled with the course! I forgot I wasn't in a "face to face” classroom almost from the first class. This program exceeds my expectations. At the end of my first year, the things that seemed hard at first no longer feel unattainable, and my confidence level is so far improved! I plan to continue through all the levels AGA offers. I would certainly recommend this program to anyone looking to learn the language."
Cathy Lester, College Station, Texas

“I am very proud of my Celtic roots and I know that my grandmother would be so very proud of me that I am now learning the language of her parents. I am very pleased that I have an excellent instructor and terrific classmates. The three hour classes fly every week; and the new technology makes it feel that I am in a classroom with all the comforts of home, because I am at home.” 
Gary Hanna, Pinawa, Manitoba

“An easy path to Gaelic. A course with an excellent curriculum and devoted instructors. Very helpful indeed for those who we are living outside the Gaidhealtachd.”
Xavier Cava, Lleida, Spain

“I am very excited about taking this course. I am a schoolteacher and have taught beginner Gaelic in Primary schools on the Isle of Skye and the mainland of Scotland while on exchange. My hope is to someday teach Gaelic in Nova Scotia. I will be enrolling in the Advanced Level in the fall.”
C. Joan MacDonald, New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

"I am just finishing my first year with the AGA and have enjoyed it very much. Gaelic is definitely challenging, but our teacher is very knowledgeable and encouraging. I especially enjoy getting together each week outside class with my study buddies. It's a very good system! Thanks, AGA! I'll definitely be going on next year."
Carol Kappus, Dexter, Michigan

“My Gàidhlig studies from the AGA have been very, very helpful. Course content, format, and backed by excellent instruction. And as a bonus I’ve gotten to meet a good bunch of new Gàidhlig learning friends... I highly recommend it!”
Reji Martin, La Ronge, Saskatchewan

“I have enjoyed the Online classroom enormously. It is a wonderful way to bring Gaelic to those of us who do not have access to classes otherwise.”
Carolina Coleman, Columbus, Ohio

“The course has exceeded my expectations. The teaching staff is excellent, the small class ensures everyone gets the chance to ask questions and understand the material. I like the mix of sound files with the printed material, also you really get the chance to practice i.e. speak what you are learning, which to me as a distant learner was essential. So very enjoyable and I look forward to signing up for the next level.”
Thomas Barclay, Dyer, Indiana

“I am very happy with the course, and will take the Advanced level in the fall. The teacher is just wonderful.”
Diane de Avalle-Arce, Sante Ynez, California

“It has been a wonderful experience taking this Gaelic course so far. My instructor is excellent and I look forward to each and every class.”
Margaret Gillis, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“The program is very well organized and the instructor is excellent. The distance learning method used is a great way to engage remote students. One of the most enjoyable parts of the AGA program has been meeting other Gaelic learners and getting to know them.”
Liam Cassidy, Alexandria, Virginia

“This is a wonderful course and I have recommended it to many of my friends already.  Being able to speak and listen to others has helped me the most.”
Rena MacDougall-Sapko, Lebanon, Missouri

"My class is taught by an amazing instructor who truly wants each student to achieve success! Awesome instruction, organized materials, and encouraging classmates! Thank you!"
Dawn Laird, Seabrook, Texas